Published On: Thu, May 16th, 2019

Tiger Woods: Doctor reveals biggest factor to stunning comeback from injury – EXCLUSIVE | Golf | Sport

It has been just over a month since Tiger Woods capped an incredible sporting story with an epic victory at The Masters.

And the 15-time major winner returns to action this week at Bethpage, aiming to win the PGA Championship.

He heads into the tournament as favourite, having tasted success at Bethpage back at the 2002 US Open along with his recent success.

It’s still very easy to forget that many – Woods included – feared that his career may have been over just two years ago before undergoing back fusion surgery.

But while his return to the top of the sport has been nothing short of remarkable, Dr Rogers always knew the 43-year-old would eventually recover to his former glory.

“I knew he was going to come back,” Dr Rogers told Express Sport.

“I don’t know him but I know people like him who are just stone cold athletes-winners.

“I study athletes. Not what they say but how they say it.

“We’ve all been looking at Tiger for years but I remember when he was a kid, even before he was four or five years old, what was instilled in him by his father, the winning mentality.

“It wasn’t so much the surgery as it is who the young man is.

“I knew he was going to have a good surgery and a good rehab, but the thing about Tiger is that he’s very bright.

“He understands the rehab process, he understands there will be some points that it won’t work as well.

“If you listen to him, he understand this body and the rehabilitation process, but more importantly, this guy has been made who he is today by his father.

“I compare his story to someone like Serena and Venus. Where they come from and where they were made.”

And Dr Rogers, who was ex-first team doctor at Chelsea Football Club and current Medical Advisor to the NBA, believes Woods can go on and win again in 2019.

“He looks like a kid again, he looks sharp,” he added.

“He’s very muscular and very dominant.

“If he can stay injury free then look for him to win another one this year.

“You’d be foolish not to bet on him and the other thing is, it’s not only the mentality of Tiger, it’s the mentality of the other players.

“They know he’s on the hunt. Can you imagine this guy who was so dominant in the game back again?

“As much as they love him there because the ratings are incredible when he plays, as much as they want him there, they don’t want him there either.

“It’s an intimidating factor. It’s a mentality and that’s not just in golf, that’s in sport in general.”

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Tiger Woods: Doctor reveals biggest factor to stunning comeback from injury – EXCLUSIVE | Golf | Sport