Published On: Sun, Jul 14th, 2019

Princess Diana news: Former aide to top royal and prince charles wife speaks out | Royal | News

The revelation was made by Patrick Jephson, Diana’s ex-private secretary. Referencing the controversy over a tennis fan being asked not to take photos near Meghan Markle, he noted people would often attempt to get pictures of Diana. Writing in the Mail on Sunday he said: “Once, at a fundraising dinner in New York, I attempted a futile feat as hordes of diners exercised their right to get their full money’s worth by approaching the top table where Diana sat, cameras as the ready.

“As my boss disappeared behind a blue blizzard of flash-bulbs, she cast an urgently reproachful eye at her support team seated a few yards away.”

“We gallantly responded to her distress call, interposing ourselves between the Princess and the excited snappers, tugging elbows and politely pleading for a ceasefire.”

However Mr Jephson admits his efforts were in vain.

He commented: “We soon realised that King Canute had a better chance of turning back the tide than we had of denying those big cheque donors their souvenir photos.

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“Our antics obviously risked spoiling the whole happy mood so we slunk back to our table, certain that any displeasure that came our way later would be better than creating a bad news story.

Princess Diana was married to Prince Charles from 1981 until an acrimonious divorce in 1996.

She tragically died in 1997 during a Paris car crash whilst being pursued by photographers on motorbikes.

A row broke out earlier this week after a tennis fan was asked to stop taking photos close to Meghan Markle.

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Mr Jephson suggested this was an overreaction writing: “When my former boss Princess Diana went to Wimbledon privately, she was aware that she was actually attending a prolonged photoshoot.”

Meghan was seen at the Wimbledon women’s final yesterday with the Duchess of Cambridge, her sister-in-law.

They watched Belgian Simona Halep defeat Serena Williams, a friend of Meghan’s.

Later today she is expected to attend the London premier of The Lion King in Leicester Square.

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Princess Diana news: Former aide to top royal and prince charles wife speaks out | Royal | News