Published On: Thu, Sep 12th, 2019

Peter Rabbit rare coin: Beatrix Potter 50p commemorative coin entering circulation

Commemorative coins are brought out to mark special occasions and many collectors will want to get their hands on these. A collection of around 400 special edition Beatrix Potter coins will be put into circulation for the first time. Although they were officially released earlier this year, the Peter Rabbit coins could only be bought from the Royal Mint and collectors would have to fork out to get one. Some of these coins are worth £795, where can you find one?

New Beatrix Potter coins have been released each year since 2016 and some of these are more valuable than others.

The Peter Rabbit 50p coins from the 2019 collection were originally not meant to be entered into generally circulation.

The Royal Mint website said: “The Peter Rabbit 2019 coin is a commemorative only coin. These will not be entering general circulation.”

These coins were meant to be commemorative only which meant collectors had to fork out between £10 and £795 for the coins.

Some of the fifty pence pieces can be bought for as little as £10 but there are special editions which are much pricier.

Collectors can get their hands on the silver version for £65 and the gold proof version costs a staggering £795.

However, The Great British Coin Hunt revealed the would put 400 of the non-released coins into general circulation.

They will be dispensed at various locations across the UK which means shoppers should check their change.

The first Beatrix Potter coins were released in 2016 to commemorative the 150th anniversary of the author’s birth.

Although there have been 50p coins released for Beatrix Potter’s other characters, the Peter Rabbit coins are the rarest as they were less of them produced.

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Peter Rabbit rare coin: Beatrix Potter 50p commemorative coin entering circulation