Published On: Thu, Feb 13th, 2020

NME awards: ‘Pathetic’ rapper hurls glass at crowd during before fighting audience member | UK | News

The rapper, known as Slowthai, threw a champagne glass at the audience during an altercation at the NME awards at the Brixton O2 Academy in south London.He has previously sparked fury at the Mercury Prize ceremony in September after holding up an effigy of Boris Johnson’s severed head to the crowd and shouting, ‘”F**k Boris Johnson. F**k everything”.

The row was sparked after the rapper, who was also smoking a cigarette on stage, made inappropriate comments to host Katherine Ryan.

The performer threw himself into the crowd after having chucked first a microphone then a champagne glass at the crowd.

He threw the microphone into the audience, only to have a man pick it up, call him a “waste man” and throw it back at him.

Slowthai reacted by throwing his glass at the person and confronting the man for “ruining” his speech.

The rapper was making a speech at the time after winning ‘Hero of the Year’ award at the event.

The performer, 25, can be heard shouting “what” over and over again as bouncers struggled to hold him back.

The disgusting scene unfolded after the rapper made lewd comments to the host, Ms Ryan, which began when he started leaning into her face.

Ms Ryan looked uncomfortable as she tried to pull her face away from his.

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The rapper then added: “If you wanna do something see me later yeah.

“You ain’t ever had anyone play with you like me.”

However, Ms Ryan managed to keep her cool and sarcastically mocked Slowthai.

She said in response: “You are like the hottest guy I’ve ever seen.”

But he was not perturbed by her response and replied, “Exactly so stop playing with me.”

The comedian hit back with an x-rated remark which saw the crowd erupt with applause, cheering her on.

As he left the stage she said: “Thank you Mike from Love Island.

She added: “You are younger than my babysitter.”

Ms Ryan has since taken to social media after receiving praise from fans for her response.

One fan said: “Wow idk who he is but Slowthai is a fucking piece of s**t.”

Another said: “Good to know Slowthai is pathetic, what wasted time supporting him.”

The comedian posted in response to the comments: “I knew he had lost from the moment he opened his mouth like any heckler coming up against a COMIC – not a woman – a COMIC. I was operating 2/10. What a sweet boy. I defused it. Tonight was fun!”

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NME awards: ‘Pathetic’ rapper hurls glass at crowd during before fighting audience member | UK | News