Published On: Tue, Dec 3rd, 2019

How to save money at Christmas: Best tips for saving money in 2019 | Personal Finance | Finance

Switch for a better deal

“Many of us obediently pay our bills throughout the year and not give it a second thought. However, checking to see if you’re still on the best deal or switching to a different provider could make all the difference this Christmas,” Ms Laidlaw pointed out.

“Look into switching energy provider, broadband, TV package, gas and electric company or even your gym. If you’re happy with your current provider but see a better deal being offered somewhere else, don’t be afraid to haggle.

“Keep an eye out for any bank switching incentives, with several banks now offering a cash incentive to attract new customers. This bonus can be as much as £175 and could go towards present buying or be a personal gift to yourself. Alternatively, you could lock it away in a savings account to save spare cash for next year’s Christmas fund.”

This week, the Money Saving Expert founder Martin Lewis told Warm Home Discount recipients to make a simple check before switching energy supplier.

Make travel plans in advance

Whether a person is driving home for Christmas or taking the train, planning ahead could help with sticking to a budget.

Ms Laidlaw said: “When it comes to travelling home to families for Christmas, train ticket prices can rocket during the height of the festive season.

“Tickets for December are already out so book now to save yourself a small fortune. The price of a ticket could more than double between now and then, so it is worth being organised.

“If you end up leaving it until the last minute because you aren’t sure of your plans yet you could carpool with a group of friends heading in the same direction and split the cost of petrol.

“If you’re flying home to see family in the UK, there are ways to save here too. Booking hold luggage will bump up the price of your flight but sending your belongings ahead with courier companies before flying can be a much cheaper alternative. This could come in particularly handy if families are travelling together or you’ve got students coming home for Christmas.”

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How to save money at Christmas: Best tips for saving money in 2019 | Personal Finance | Finance