Published On: Mon, Nov 18th, 2019

General election row breaks out on BBC – ‘That’s a disgraceful thing to say! | UK | News

Mr Umunna left economics commentator Grace Blakeley and host Jo Coburn incensed after making the bold claim. Ms Blakeley labelled his comments “disgraceful” while Ms Coburn urged him to stop trying to distance what the Liberal Democrats did in terms of austerity. Chuka Umunna also claimed immigration was no longer a key political issue. 

He said: “There is a danger in trying to fight the last wars on these things.

“Immigration was a massive political issue three or four years ago.

“My view is that we spent far too much time talking about the numbers of people coming in and out of the country and not enough for example on integration.

“The austerity argument, I can understand why Labour wants to return to the 2017 debate.”

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The Politics Live host Jo Coburn said: “We do need to talk about your record on austerity which you look as if you’re going to continue.”

The Liberal Democrats MP replied: “The point is I think everybody, we are beyond austerity right now.”

Economics commentator Grace Blakeley raged: “We are so not beyond austerity!

“That is a disgraceful thing to say!”

The Liberal Democrats have plunged in electoral polls in recent days, sparking a crisis for Remainers ahead of the election.

Despite this, the Liberal Democrats’ election message remains that party leader Jo Swinson can still become Prime Minister.

The Liberal Democrats are campaigning on the policy they will revoke Article 50 on their first day in office.

Iain Dale confronted Jo Swinson during an hour-long interview LBC, starting off by telling that the Liberal Democrats are bleeding votes.

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General election row breaks out on BBC – ‘That’s a disgraceful thing to say! | UK | News