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Game of Thrones ending: Is Winter over or not? Season 8 SCRIPT reveals all | Books | Entertainment

Winter Is Coming. It was said at the start and hung over the entire eight seasons of the HBO show. When the white ravens finally swirled out from the Citadel, it was official. Winter wasn’t coming, it was here. All the signs pointed to it being a particularly long and harsh winter on a planet where seasons can last years. The longest winter on record lasted a generation. So, did a show which divided fans by ultimately not paying off so many important questions, actually deliver a definitive answer? For once, yes it did.

Eight thousand years before, according to the books, the Long Night lasted a generation. It was only ended by Azor Ahai.

In the books, we are also told a particularly long summer is often followed by an equally long winter. 

The prologue in A Clash of Kings says: “This one came to tell us that the Conclave has met, considered the reports and measurements made by maesters all over the realm, and declared this great summer done at last. Ten years, two turns, and sixteen days it lasted, the longest summer in living memory.”

Westeros is facing a winter of at least ten years, it seems.

This is where things get a bit hazy.

Is a long winter determined by a long summer, or are the worst winters actually the work of the white walkers (and, on the HBO show, their Night King)?

The Long Night saw the first major attack by the white walkers and was only defeated by Azor’s alliance of men and Children of the Forest. Everything on the show and in the books this time points to the winter being fuelled again by the Others.

So, did Arya’s destruction of the white walker threat actually also end the winter?

It appears so.

The script for the final episode has been published online as part of its Emmy nomination.

It describes the final scenes with Jon Snow at the Wall: “ EXT. THE WALL/CASTLE BLACK – DAY Spring is coming, and it is slowly starting to warm up. The Wall weeps, as the temperature rises above freezing for the first time in many months. Looking down the Wall to Castle Black, three riders approach the castle gates.”

Ultimately, it’s probably best to ask no more questions. Logic has no place here. 

Winter, it seems, has come and gone.


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Game of Thrones ending: Is Winter over or not? Season 8 SCRIPT reveals all | Books | Entertainment