Published On: Tue, Dec 3rd, 2019

BREXIT on the BRINK: Leavers urged to use tactical voting site or ‘we lose it ALL’ | Politics | News

The voting database was created by the former Brexit Party hopeful for Broxtowe Calvin Robinson. He said: “Brexit is on the line. We’ve fought so hard to take back control and to get out of the EU and we are so close to achieving that aim.  But if voters aren’t tactical, we will lose it all. That’s why I stood down as Brexit Party candidate in Broxtowe.  We are all united by our belief in Brexit and we must support the candidates who are best placed to deliver Brexit.

“Our principal aim in every case is to stop Jeremy Corbyn from becoming Prime Minister – that would spell the death of Brexit.

“If Leave-supporting voters want to make their vote count, they must ensure we rally around the candidate most likely to stop Jeremy Corbyn in his tracks.” 

Voters can visit to check the position in their constituency.

It comes as the Liberal Democrats latest attempt to use Hollywood movie star Hugh Grant to get their stuttering general election campaign back on track was branded a flop last night.

The Notting Hill and Love Actually star said he was “banging the drum” for tactical voting in next week’s vote to stop Brexit.

But senior Tories said the 56-year-old was a turn-off for voters.

After seeing a picture of the actor canvassing in Westminster with Lib Dem defector Chuka Umuna, Conor Burns said: “Another compelling reason to vote Conservative.”

Grant, famed for being caught with prostitute Divine Brown, has been on the campaign trail for the Lib Dems in recent days.

But the party’s poll ratings have plummeted since the election was called amid criticism of leader Jo Swinson and her plans to scrap Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn’s fierce opposition to the Nato western military alliance was laid bare in newly uncovered video footage last night.

Just a year before becoming Labour leader, the anti-war campaigner said he wished the 70-year-old partnership “didn’t exist”.

Mr Corbyn has been a long-standing critic of the organisation but the comments from the protest underline his fierce opposition just months before he took control of the party.

Speaking at a rally outside the BBC in 2014, Mr Corbyn said he was opposed to all western military alliances.

He said: “I am no fan of Nato indeed I wish Nato didn’t exist. I am no fan of western military alliances. 

“Indeed, I wish they didn’t exist.”

Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry insists Labour is committed to Nato and claimed Mr Corbyn had “been on a journey” since his vocal opposition to the alliance.

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BREXIT on the BRINK: Leavers urged to use tactical voting site or ‘we lose it ALL’ | Politics | News