Published On: Thu, May 16th, 2019

Brexit News: Brexit Party under Nigel Farage behind SNP under Nicola Sturgeon | UK | News

Nigel Farage’s party is polling at 14 percent in Scotland according to the YouGov poll. The nationalist SNP are in the lead on 28 percent. Both figures increase significantly when those who say they won’t vote are excluded.

This puts the Brexit Party significantly ahead of Labour, Liberal Democrats and Conservatives.

The Conservatives only have 4 percent support in Scotland according to the poll, conducted over earlier this month.

Nationally, including those who won’t vote, the Brexit Party is in the lead on 22 percent of the vote.

Labour looks set to take 11 percent of the vote whilst the Tories are on 7 percent.

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Meanwhile SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford has claimed Scotland’s working-age population could decline if free movement is stopped.

Speaking to BBC News he said: “If you look at Scotland, our population hasn’t really grown over the course of the last 100 years.

“We’re very concerned about the issue of free movement of people – we need free movement of people if we’re to deliver sustainable economic growth.

“If the UK leaves the EU and we don’t have that free movement we’re in trouble when it comes to delivering sustainability.

“It almost becomes impossible to do so because our working population will decline.”

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The Brexit Party is due to hold a rally in Edinburgh on Friday.

Speaking to The Scotsman Jim Ferguson, one of the party’s candidates, said support for Brexit is being understated in Scotland.

He commented: “What you have to remember is that there were over a million people in Scotland who voted to leave the EU.

“We’ve been getting a very positive response, because people see us as a political alternative.

“It doesn’t really matter about the political spectrum, because what we’re fighting for is democracy – to honour it and ensure that the will of the people is adhered to.”

The SNP are campaigning to overturn both the 2016 EU membership referendum, and the 2014 public vote on Scotland’s position within the UK.

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Brexit News: Brexit Party under Nigel Farage behind SNP under Nicola Sturgeon | UK | News