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Brexit news: BBC panel in stitches as ERG’s Steve Baker SHUTS down Emily Thornberry | UK | News

The Shadow Foreign Secretary faced harsh criticism by the Chair of the European Research Group for Labour’s policy on Brexit as Mr Baker believes the party wouldn’t even make it to the electorate. Ms Thornberry has previously said, if in power, Labour would negotiate a Brexit deal keeping the UK in the customs union but will then go on to campaign for a second referendum. But Mr Baker said Labour would never come to power because its MPs couldn’t stand and tell people to vote for Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the country.

Speaking on Politics live, Mr Baker said: “Emily has taken this ludicrous position that she can negotiate a deal and then campaign for Remain against it.

“The contradiction in Labour’s position are just legion.

“But the particularly problems that Labour has is I’m not sure the party would survive contract even with the manifesto process still less the electorate and they know it.

“There are plenty of Labour MPs who know they cannot stand again with Jeremy Corbyn as their leader saying vote for him, make him Prime Minister because they don’t believe it.

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“That I believe is why Emily won’t go for a general election.”

Ms Thornberry responded: “I’m not taking any lectures from Tories about how you make manifestos.

“We have a fantastic clause 5 process and we actually came out with a very good manifesto last time that increased the support that we had.

“While your manifesto was written by a couple of clever boys in a backroom in No10 fell apart within a few days.”

Guardian columnist Rafael Behr agreed with Mr Baker and said a lot of Labour MPs “don’t want to stare down a barrel of a gun and say, yes Jeremy Corbyn is the best candidate to be Prime Minister”.

Mr Baker took aim at Ms Thornberry just moments later as he claimed Remainer MPs who are campaigning for a second referendum are making negotiations with the EU impossible.

He said: “People like Emily are sending a very strong signal to the EU that Brexit can be stopped, reversed and overturned because you are saying you will campaign for Remain even if you negotiate a different deal.

“The point is, in such an environment where it looks like our parliament might reverse a Democratic referendum decision, of course, the EU is bearing down on us and making a deal impossible.”


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His comments come as Remain MPs and Tory rebels have passed a bill making it unlawful for Mr Johnson to leave the EU without a deal on October 31 despite his “do or die” promise.

The law would force the Prime Minister to request a three-month delay from the EU which they could reject but he has refused to carry out the order.

He insisted he will not ask for a further extension as he has previously said he would rather “die in a ditch”.

Mr Johnson is reportedly planning to sabotage the Remainer plan by telling the EU they should ignore any requests for a Brexit delay, according to The Daily Telegraph.

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Brexit news: BBC panel in stitches as ERG’s Steve Baker SHUTS down Emily Thornberry | UK | News