Published On: Wed, May 15th, 2019

Brexit news: Amber Rudd says Tories must stop ‘extremist’ parties ahead of EU election | UK | News

The Work and Pensions Secretary called on her Parliamentary colleagues to speak out if they suffer abuse from extremists. She was speaking at a party for the centre-right think tank Onward. Next week’s election has become a contentious point for the Conservatives, with many believing the party has too little money to able to fight a decent campaign.

Tory morale is down following a series of disastrous defeats for Prime Minister Theresa May during the Brexit negotiations.

She also oversaw one of the worst set of Local Election results in recent times, as more than 3,000 Conservative councillors lost their seats.

But she said the May 23 election was a chance for her colleagues to campaign for Conservative values and beliefs.

She said: “Extremism is coming up to us from the left and from the right and we need to make sure that we fill the middle.

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“And we fill it not just with what people sometimes call moderation – we fill it with our ideas, our thoughts and our own Conservative momentum of what we think we can change and what we can do because if we leave that vacuum there will be consequences.”

Ms Rudd added that there must not be a “recalibration” to a “low level of acceptance” for abuse suffered by elected officials.

Her comments come as Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party continue to make major gains in polling before next week’s election day.

In a poll conducted by ITV’s Good Morning Britain shared to, it revealed a third of the nation plans to vote for the Brexit Party in next weeks European parliament elections.

The result is compared to an embarrassing 12 percent of voters who intend to vote Tory, 11 percent who plan to vote Lib Dem, six percent for the Green Party, four percent for each of the SNP, Change UK and UKIP parties.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party has a guaranteed 24 percent of votes, according to the Survation poll by the programme.

The poll took place between May 8-9, with results due to be discussed on tomorrow’s programme.

The shocking news comes after the EU claimed Mrs May will beg for another extension to Article 50, despite already having two.

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Brexit news: Amber Rudd says Tories must stop ‘extremist’ parties ahead of EU election | UK | News