Published On: Tue, Jan 28th, 2020

Brexit latest: Barnier demands EU judges keep control after Brexit | Politics | News

Brexiteers have reacted with fury to a document that reveals the bloc wants EU judges to be able to enforce the terms of the post-Brexit deal, which is due to be agreed later this year. The internal Brussels document, seen by the Times, outlines the EU’s determination for the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to enforce the terms of a trade, fishing and security deal. But Boris Johnson is unlikely to agree to such a move, having vowed there will be “no alignment” with the EU after Brexit.

Brexiteers have also condemned the EU’s plans and have called on the Prime Minister to “walk away” from the talks rather than accede to the demands.

Sir Iain Duncan Smith said: “We have simply got to say no.

“Nobody in their right minds would accept this and if they continue to pursue this then we simply have to walk away.”

Downing Street sources also rejected the proposal, and told the newspaper the European court was “by very definition, not a neutral arbiter”.

The document outlines the EU’s determination that Britain will be bound by the ECJ, which is based in Luxembourg, to ensure the “UK is a partner like no other”.

It comes after the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier warned yesterday that the bloc would make unprecedented demands during negotiations because of European fears that Britain would abandon “standards”.

He said: “The UK cannot expect high-quality access to our single market if it insists on competing on state aid, social or environmental standards.”


8.24am update: Brexit Party MEP lashes out at EU

Brexit Party MEP Rupert Lowe has hit out at the EU for being a “nasty club”. 

He wrote on Twitter: “The EU’s attitude to Brexit Britain is disgraceful. We were not defeated in war.

“We took a democratic decision to leave their nasty club and their petulant, self-important reaction proves just how right we were.

“Get over yourselves and make a deal that works for everyone.”

8.20am update: Report on post-Brexit visa’s expected today

The Government’s independent advisers on migration will unveil their long-awaited report on how the UK’s new visa system could work after Brexit this morning. 

The Migration Advisory Committee will publish its study on the UK’s proposed Australian-style points system at a briefing at 10am.

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Brexit latest: Barnier demands EU judges keep control after Brexit | Politics | News