Published On: Wed, Sep 18th, 2019

Bin day: Leaving it out on the wrong collection dates results in £100 council fine

Putting the bin out is a chore many Britons dread.

Now a council has brought in measures to prevent Britons from leaving their bins out all day.

The authority in Wales is threatening a £100 on-the-spot fine if locals leave their bin out on the wrong day.

The move is part of a bid to stop bins from blocking pavements, the council claims.

Gwynedd Council will see the fines dolled out to any bin left out on the wrong day.

What is more, repeat offenders will be issued fixed penalty notices, the same punishment for dolled out for parking offences.

Wheelie bins had been accused to causing a safety hazard and being unsightly.

North Wales Live reported Cllr Catrin Wager had said the fined were a “last resort.”

She added: “There have been concerns in some communities for some time about bins and recycling boxes being left out on the street throughout the week, obstructing pavements and generally having a negative effect on how communities look.

“In some areas, bins left out for days after collection can cause a real issue for parents with prams and disabled people who have to go out into the highway due to bins blocking pavements.”

What is your bin collection day?

The government has a tool which can help Britons find out the correct day to leave their bins out.

It said: “Check your council’s website to find out when your rubbish will be collected.”

Entering your postcode will take you to the website of your local council where you can find this information.

This website will also tell you what kind of rubbish you can leave out and what different coloured bins are for.

This news came after another council caused outrage by decrease bin collection to once every two weeks.

Local authority chiefs in Cornwall insist the switch will help drive up recycling rates across the county.

However, locals complained that this would leave rubbish piling up.

Resident Andrew Arthur said: “I think it is a really bad idea. Given that we often get near-tropical weather this stuff will be pretty rancid by the time it is picked up.”

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Bin day: Leaving it out on the wrong collection dates results in £100 council fine